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Dear Friends,

Since becoming a Realtor in 2011, I’ve sold hundreds of homes and have developed thousands of relationships in my small city of Port St Lucie, FL. Within 5 years, I became one of the top 3% of agents in America and was written about in Top Agent Magazine and The Expert Network.

My Real Estate Journey
When I first started my real estate business, I had no idea what I was doing, nor did I have any sort of database, as prior to coming in I ran an online business where I never had to leave the house. So, all I had was my family and a few friends. I literally started my business from scratch and had to figure out ways to get leads.
So not that long ago I was exactly where you are now… 
  - worried about where my next deal would come from
  - buying leads that didn’t work
  - holding open houses and spinning my wheels trying to figure out this business
  - going to lots of trainings and reading books to learn everything I could

…Yet nothing really worked.

I quickly figured out that building relationships was a different way of doing business that no one was teaching. What I was being taught was to…
  - make cold calls
  - hold open houses
  - door knock
  - tell everyone you know that you are now a real estate agent
...And someone would buy, sell, rent or invest with you!!! REALLY? I bet you’ve been fed that too.

I did everything I was taught, and at times it worked, and then there were months I had zero closings. I couldn’t live like that, never knowing when I’d have a closing or not. Not having consistent income each and every month. Until I figured some things out along the way and developed strong, foundational systems! Once I had the right systems in place, the magic started to happen.

I started having consistent closings per month .
I felt confident knowing that I’d be able to pay my bills, put food on the table and still have money leftover .
I was less stressed and overwhelmed and could sleep at night .
I started doing so well I was referring business out to other local agents as I couldn’t handle all of it .
I hired my first assistant and started growing my team .

After seeing my systems in action for myself and my team AND seeing astonishing results, other agents from my office and local area started asking “What Are You Doing?
I shared my methodology with them, and they started having incredible results too. That’s when The Prosperous Agent was born.

Giving Back 
Teaching and coaching have always been a personal joy of mine and I’ve been able to fulfill that through my coaching clients and with agents on my team and in my office. I love seeing agents grow personally and professionally.

Once I started teaching classes at my office and coaching agents with my systems, I found that they were able to grow their business and enjoy their life more from coaching with me. Sadly, not every coach and trainer in real estate has actually SOLD real estate. With me, you will have my personal experiences as well as my continued education be a guide for you and hold you accountable to creating what you want for your life…helping you leave your Legacy.

I have realized over the years that I want to be a contribution to society and give back. I want to save agents from them having to figure it all out on their own, like I did. Supporting people in achieving their dreams is what motivates me and gives me purpose. Since I want to live a life of meaning and purpose, I now have the possibility to serve people through this business. Thank you for being here and I look forward to having the opportunity to serving you too!

Let me help you build your Legacy and life the life you were meant to.  Schedule your Strategy Session with me today!  Click below.

~Jillian Von Ohlen
Jillian's Bio
Jillian Von Ohlen is a Broker Associate, trainer, coach, and CEO of Jillian V Coaching and IntelAgent. Jillian is recognized as a leader in the industry by ranking in the top 3% Nationwide and generating over $50M in sales. Jillian has been featured in Top Agent Magazine and The Expert Network.
For over 30 years, Jillian’s key to success has been mastering personal development, which is an ongoing life practice. Jillian transforms people’s perception to master their highest-self in relation to their business, relationships and life. Her constant learning is passed onto her coaching clients.

When Jillian is not helping Realtors achieve their highest levels of performance, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends in Port St Lucie, FL. She enjoys reading books about customer service, selling, marketing & branding, personal growth and the human performance. She also enjoys healthy eating & exercising, live music and vacationing with her family and friends.
Tired of seeing other agents expand their business while you struggle trying to figure it all out?
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