“Success begins with your mindset and strengthens with discipline.” Jillian Von Ohlen

Strategy. Implementation. Support
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Successful real estate agents know that getting to the next level in their business requires the right mindset and foundational tools. Jillian teaches this transformation method along with relationship building versus the norm of salesperson teachings. This is a vital key factor to creating massive success.

 “Real relationships can only occur when you truly give the other person what they need….YOU!”


Building "real" relationships

Jillian has learned over the years that building relationships with clients is the #1 way to grow your business. Most agents have not been taught the key aspects in how to create great relationships… so they fumble. Jillian is an expert at creating excellent relationships and can teach you how.

Remove the Big Rock

Visionary Realtors and business owners realize that if your “Mindset” isn’t right, your business won’t be either. Developing the right mindset can and will take your business, and your life, to new heights. Jillian will help you remove the Big Rocks that get in your way of creating massive success.

“To generate something new, you need to create space in your mind by letting go of the negative, and thinking of what’s possible .” ~ Jillian Von Ohlen
If it's not on your calendar, it doesn't exist
Most Realtors are winging it instead of bringing it and are not successful due to lack of clarity. Agents must be diligent and disciplined in correctly using their calendar and entering appointments. When done properly, agents can create massive success because they are now focused. It is crucial to have a daily schedule which keeps you on track and accountable to your everyday tasks. Jillian teaches you all the nuances of what your schedule needs to look like and how to make it workable.


Jillian Von Ohlen is a Broker Associate, trainer, coach, author and CEO of Jillian V Coaching and The Prosperous Agent. Jillian is recognized as a leader in the industry by ranking in the top 3% Nationwide and generating over $50M in sales. Jillian has been featured in Top Agent Magazine and The Expert Network.  

For over 30 years, Jillian’s key to success has been mastering personal development, which is an ongoing life practice. Jillian transforms people’s perception to master their highest-self in relation to their business, relationships and life. Her constant learning is passed onto her coaching clients.

When Jillian is not helping Realtors achieve their highest levels of performance, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends in Port St Lucie, FL. She enjoys reading books about customer service, selling, marketing & branding, personal growth and the human performance. She also enjoys healthy eating & exercising, live music and vacationing with her family and friends.


Keith Dean 
Keller Williams Realty
“Having been in real estate since 2003, you would think I would have it all down pat, yet I have implemented many of your ideas into my business. The best thing about your system is that you have it all laid out with an added professional touch to everything. I love how you have organized. I can easily print a form to give to my administrator and they can follow exactly what I'm doing. Truly a Team concept.”

Veronica Montoya
Vic’s Pics
“We have known Jillian from working in our KW office and attending various training programs over the years. She has always shared the systems with us without blinking an eye! Jillian thinks in a methodical yet easy to comprehend way that makes it simple to implement in our team. We are thrilled to have it all together. It will become our training manual for any new Realtors or Staff joining our team!”

Lisa Archuletta 
The Archuletta Group
“The first few years as a Realtor are the hardest as you’re trying to learn everything you can such as lead generating, scripts, contracts and everything else in between. By year 3, if you’re still in business, you realize that you really need to get your systems together to keep that pipeline flowing. Jillian has done this for you. My only question is, where the hell was this when I started? Thank you, Jillian, for seeing a need and finding a way to fill it!”

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